“WakeStation is NOT just a two-tower cable system — it is a provider of a lot of unforgettable memories. The fast and easy setting allows us to create events all over the country. The pro riders love it… and so do we.”

– Robin Lecorvaisier, Festival International des Sports Extrêmes (FISE), France

“WakeStation obstacles have perfect proportions with the best material and high build quality. The obstacles have many fine details.”

– Lars Bloksgaard, Herning Vandski & Wakeboard Klub, Denmark

“We chose WakeStation because they have the most robust and trustworthy system on the market. Installation was fast and easy and we haven’t had any problems with it at all. We also have the WakeStation obstacles which we are super satisfied with. They look nice, are easy to assemble and feel safe to ride on for beginners and advanced riders.”

– Henning Jorlén, Malmö Wake Park, Sweden

“Not only is WakeStation the most advanced two-tower cable system on the market, but they are constantly upgrading their technology in new and innovative ways. Add outstanding maintenance and customer service to that, and you just can’t go wrong. It’s a pure pleasure to work with the WakeStation crew.”

– Ģirts Upenieks, wakeyou, Latvia

“WakeStation has proven to be a very high quality product over the past five years. WakeStation is both more robust than other similar products and has a wide range of accessories. WakeStation obstacles are strikingly cool to watch, as well as an incredibly good ride! Delivery of spare parts and liaison with the manufacturer always work flawlessly without looking at the clock, which increases the product’s value.”

– Timo Piippo, FlowFun OY, Finland

“WakeStation cables and park features are the best in the business. Assembled to the highest standards with high grade and durable parts, we think WakeStation products are the most reliable on the market. The triangular truss towers are strong and easy to climb, making all checks incredibly straightforward. Simple but intelligent software and very impressive automatics mean day-to-day use of the WakeStation system is as easy as possible.”

– Toby Oliver, Club Wake Park, UK

“We are pleased to have five two-tower WakeStation systems. The system works faultlessly, is easy to maintain and, most of all, pleases our riders by providing good fun and the right tension for every trick. We also installed thirteen WakeStation obstacles that are smooth, well designed and truly delicious to ride on.”

– Luis Segadaes, Wakeboard Portugal