WakeStation is a two-tower, straight-line cable system for wakeboarding and snowboarding.

It’s a versatile, portable and fully customizable system for any location, and it works for everyone—from total beginners to professional riders. When you combine all that with our wide range of wake features and pylon heights, any wake park with a WakeStation system means fun for the riders and spectators and good business for the owners.


  • Standard towers height: 6,75 m. Alternative towers height from 4,0 to 19,2 m both for deepwater or on-shore installation
  • Cableway length between towers: 50-300 m
  • Vertical tower inclination angle: ±7°
  • Operating speed: 0 – 40 km/h (50 km/h with PRO systems)
  • Power supply: 3F/25A/400V/50Hz
  • Running cable diameter: 8 mm
  • Static cable diameter: 10 mm (2 pieces per tower)
  • Allowed outside operating temperature: -15 / +45 °C
  • Maximum wind endurance in operating mode: 15 m/s
  • System’s maximal wind load capacity: 50 m/s
  • Number of operators: 1
  • Number of users at a time 1 (or 2*) * tested and operating with 2 towing ropes on one carrier

WakeStation conforms to the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives, has TUV approval and is equipped with CE mark.

Production and installation:

– pre-ordered system production takes approximately 4 weeks;
– standard system installation takes about two working day.

Customer service:

– 24/7 online technical support;
– local technical support representatives;
– personalized service for our customers;
– spare parts and optional equipment in stock at all times to ensure quick delivery and installation.


Mobile application with

real time diagnostics

Our Web User Interface is a standard feature of every WakeStation system, but to take it further we offer a Web remote upgrade that allows operators to control the system with a smart- phone. This is just one of the useful software upgrades we can provide.

Set of extensions for

both towers (1.3m and 3.1m)

WakeStation offers a huge range of pylon heights—from 4.00 to 19.20 meters—which means our system can be customized easily for different situations and locations. These tower height variations are achieved with the help of tower extensions that are 1.3 and 3.1 meters.

Multifunctional wireless

operator remote

Our Web remote upgrade makes it possible for one person to operate several systems at the same time. To take it a step further, the wireless remote together with the Self-Service upgrade allows riders to control the system themselves (without an operator) while on the water. Aside from being very practical, these upgrades reduce a park’s labor costs.

3rd cable and

smart-tensioning system

Longer tracks may need extra tension, so in 2014 we introduced our 3rd Cable and Smart-Tensioning System as an upgrade. This upgrade includes an advanced carrier, a third support cable, some pulleys and a griphoist. All WakeStation systems can be upgraded with this feature.

WakeStation Power


When towers are higher than 11.15m and tracks are longer than 180m, we offer a Power Package upgrade. This upgrade includes a bigger engine (7.5kW), 3rd cable system and upgraded automatics. This upgrade will ensure uninterrupted power delivery for even the hardest edgers out there.

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