PENTASI Full Size Cable is a circular cable system dedicated for
wakeboarding and water skiing.

It is versatile, build for permanent use cable system. Circular shape is formed with the help of 4, 5 or 6 towers connected with running cable. It is dedicated for servicing bigger amount of all level wakeboarders and water skiers.

Build from first class materials, available both in clockwise and counterclockwise running directions, easy and safe to operate, PENTASI full size cable combined with wide range of WakeStation wake features means great experience for customers and spectators and good business for the owners.


  • Running cable height above water: 11.5 m
  • Running cable diameter: 10 mm
  • Anchoring cable: 20-22 mm
  • Engine power: 30-45 kW depending on length of track
  • Elevator power: 1.1 kW
  • Tow rope length: 18-20 m
  • Operating speed: 0-50 km/h
  • Pneumatic negative brake: able to stop the cableway in case of a power blackout as well
  • Complex lightning protection

PENTASI has been producing wakeboard cableways since 1993. In Hungary, they have produced 9 cableways out of the current 12 achieving the leading position among wakeboard cableway manufacturers in the Hungarian market.

More than two decades of experience in both the production and operation of wakeboard cableways has helped PENTASI to perfect its system to be fully reliable, while continuously adapting to the ever-rising technical demands of the riders and the owners at the same time.

WakeStation together with PENTASI covers the full spectrum of cable wakeboarding/skiing from A to Z.

Production and installation:

– pre ordered system productions takes approximately 12 weeks;
– system installation takes from 3 to 5 weeks. All PENTASI cableways are installed by their own highly experienced installation team. Our colleagues have been challenged by heavy mud, deep water and extreme weather conditions throughout the years. Trustfulness and flexibility are our colleagues’ traits.

Customer service:

– 24/7 online technical support;
– local technical support representatives;
– spare parts and optional equipment in stock at all times to ensure quick delivery and installation.

PENTASI system control

The speed of the cableway can be set quickly by selecting one of the memorized values on the touchscreen. The stored speed values can be easily modified by typing numbers between 0-50 km/h to each of the 4 changeable presets. The speed can be adjusted manually as well through the joystick. The speed of the elevator is controlled by the potentiometer. Optimal speed of elevator depends on many circumstances like the strength and direction of wind, crowdedness of cableway etc.

Therefore, once the operator finds the optimal speed he can easily memorize it by pushing and holding down the potentiometer for 3 seconds. After, he can just push the potentiometer shortly anytime he wants to return to the preset speed. The pneumatic cylinders which work the fork and the magazine are operated through the use of highly durable, industrial use joysticks.


PENTASI cableways are all about functionality and design. When we choose the optimal type of electric motor our main focus is on effectiveness and economy. It means that our cableways are able to pull everyone out of the water when restarting after an unexpected stop, while we take care about consumption as well. Therefore, we use 30-45 kW electric motors depending on the length of track. The motor is guided by sophisticated frequency converter which assures the smooth running and optimal performance of the cableway in any circumstance. For the effective transmission of power we use custom made and durable cardan shafts and differentials.

PENTASI pulleys

Pulleys are casted of special aluminium alloy to be light and yet lasting at the same time. Running cable contacts the special HDPE lining inside the pulley which protects the wire cable and ensures smooth running. We use the highest quality SKF bearings so that our pulleys could keep spinning for a long time.

PENTASI columns

Columns are made of steel and are hot-dip galvanized to look nice for a long time.


PENTASI full size cableways come with spacious 100 m2 piers. The piers consist of 4×4 m pre-manufactured segments which are built to fit nicely to the design of the cableway. Like the columns of the cableway the frame of the pier is made of hot-dip galvanized steel tubes. The pier is covered with painted and anti-slip pine wood laths.


Fork is equipped with photocell sensor and closes automatically once the ball cable goes through it.


Safety is the most important for us. Therefore, we use strong pneumatic negative brake to stop the system immediately if it is necessary.

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